TAU KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY
                                                                                            Kappa-Kappa Chapter
                                                                                             Monmouth University

Dear Fraters, TKB Brothers, Family, and Friends,
    The members of the Kappa-Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Monmouth University are pleased to be mailing out our first newsletter in some time.  The goal of this newsletter is to keep you up to date and informed about what is going on with the chapter.  You may notice that in addition to the Tekes and TKB Brothers, we are also mailing the letter to the parents of the current Fraters of the Chapter.
This year was full of accomplishments for the Teke’s of the Kappa-Kappa Chapter.   
First, let us begin by talking about our academic success: our chapter had the second highest Grade Point Average overall this past fall with a 2.9, which is higher than the All Male Average on campus.  This means that we ranked second out of the five fraternities at Monmouth.  16 of our members have a GPA of at least a 3.0.
    We were also successful in recruiting quality men this academic year: we initiated seven new men in the Fall; this was the largest number among any fraternity or sorority at Monmouth University.  We initiated ten new men this Spring.  We currently have thirty four quality men in the chapter, making us the second-largest fraternity on campus.  This is significant because two years ago, we were down to only three members.  Those three men worked hard to turn the fraternity around and bring it to where it is today.
Furthermore, with help from the Office of Greek Life at Monmouth and TKE International we were also able to restructure our Executive Board.  We appointed Fraters into chapter officer positions who were capable of handling the task of rebuilding the chapter.  This has helped us to structure a working budget and a detailed chapter calendar.  Because of all this hard work, we are pleased to announce we are holding our first Red Carnation Ball in over five years. 
    This year the chapter has also been busy organizing various fundraisers and community service events.  Our big fundraising event was Battle of The Bands.  We had five bands compete for a spot on Monmouth’s television channel and various other prizes.  We were able to raise over $500.00 for the Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s Research Chair.  We also had an event we like to call “Bagging for a Cure,” this is where we go to the local supermarket and help customers’ bag their groceries.  It is up to the customer on whether or not they would like to donate money.  We did this once each semester and are proud to say we raised around $1,900.00 for Alzheimer’s.   
    We are very active with helping our community, both on the Monmouth campus, as well as in the local community area.  We work closely with the Office of Substance Awareness to sponsor many events to inform students of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.  Additionally, once a month, we clean a piece of a road ~ Cedar Avenue bordering the University ~ that has been adopted by the chapter through New Jersey’s Adopt-a-Highway program.  We have recently organized a Community Service Committee so there will be even more community service projects we can undertake in the future to continue giving back to our community.
One last accomplishment worth noting is that this year we were able to place second in our Greek Week competition, improving from last place two years ago and third in 2008.
    The chapter is currently trying to organize future events that we would like you to participate in.  We are in the process of setting up an alumni reunion so our current members have an opportunity to meet the alumni.  We would all love to get to know everyone that was a Teke or a TKB Brother at Monmouth.  The date and time are still yet to be determined, but if you have any ideas or would like to be involved in anyway please email our Histor Brad Silver at or 
We would also like to set up an event with the parents of the current members of the fraternity.  Again a date has not been officially decided on, but if you have any ideas or would like to be involved it would be greatly appreciated. 
Also, please read the letter below from our Prytanis Thomas Fagan. 
    One last piece of information, we are attempting to cut mailing costs and reduce our usage of paper.  We would like to continue sending you our newsletter; however, we would like to do it via email.  Please send your email address to our Histor Brad Silver at or 
Thank you for your time,
The Fraters of Tau Kappa Epsilon

                                                                           Letter from the Chapter Prytanis

My name is Thomas Fagan and I am the current Prytanis of the Kappa-Kappa chapter.

We are a young fraternity with only ten members currently upperclassmen. Realizing this, many of the younger members are extremely enthusiastic about being involved and possibly pursuing future leadership roles in the chapter. Many of us try to attend as many conferences as possible to ensure we will have the best leaders for the future.  This semester alone ten members of our chapter attended the Chapter Education Conference at Rowan University and fourteen attended the Province Education Conference held at Ramapo College.  And two of our members attended TKE’s Regional Leadership Conference in Philadelphia in February.

 I myself have attended the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute ~ sponsored by the North American Interfraternity Conference ~ in Indiana this past summer and it was an amazing learning experience. We will have another representative from our chapter attending this conference again this summer.

With Conclave fast approaching this August, the chapter is planning on sending sixteen brothers to New Orleans to represent Kappa-Kappa. Although it is quite costly, $400 per Frater, we feel this experience is necessary to further expand our knowledge and leadership skills to maintain a successful chapter.

The Kappa-Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Monmouth University was installed as a chapter on March 12, 1966.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.